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Trying to decide where and what to study?

We asked students what they thought of their choice to attend Sault College's Fitness and Health Promotion program, and here's what they said:


" was a natural fit. Ever since I began my fitness journey, my life has changed in such positive ways; I now want to give back the chance for a healthy active life to others."

"I wanted a career in the fitness industry. This program has all the courses that I think will help me to be successful in the industry while providing me with the opportunity to obtain industry standard certifications. FHP will give me the opportunity to help make a positive impact on the lives of others."

"I enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle by enhancing my own personal life as well as the lives of others around me."

"I have enjoyed fitness and nutrition since I lost weight and would like the chance to continue on with it so it will be a lifelong habit."

"I am interested in fitness; it offers a wide range of job opportunities, and it is a short program."

"I have a strong interest in helping people to help themselves. I want to be a role model to educate myself and my family about healthy living."

"I enjoy setting goals and pushing myself to reach them, as well I wanted to help others overcome their insecurities and get active."

"I love fitness and want to better my life through helping the lives of others."



"I love nature and the small town vibe."

" is a smaller College compared to others in Ontario so you can be more personable with the instructors, which I like. It is also easier to save money while I`m here in my hometown."

"...of the small campus, small class sizes and northern location. Sault College had the program I wanted in a format that I liked with greater opportunities (Lake Superior State University, multiple placements, canfitpro and CSEP certifications). The opportunity to get a great education closer to home, getting to know classmates and faculty really appealed to me."

I felt a warm presence when I came for a tour; everyone was nice and it had a great atmosphere."

"...the students are great and the instructors are awesome. Sault College has a great learning environment. "

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