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Business (2035)

2 Years - 4 Semesters      Ontario College Diploma


A graduate of the Business Program at Sault College will reliably demonstrate the ability to:

  1. identify and discuss the impact of global issues on an organizations business opportunities by using an environmental scan.
  2. apply principles of corporate sustainability, corporate social responsibility and ethics to support an organizations business initiatives.
  3. use current concepts/systems and technologies to support an organization`s business initiatives.
  4. apply basic research skills to support business decision making.
  5. support the planning, implementation and monitoring of projects.
  6. perform work in compliance with relevant statutes, regulations and business practices.
  7. explain the role of the human resource function and its impact on an organization.
  8. use accounting and financial principles to support the operations of an organization.
  9. describe and apply marketing and sales concepts used to support the operations of an organization.
  10. outline principles of supply chain management and operations management.
  11. outline and assess the components of a business plan.
  12. develop strategies for ongoing personal and professional development to enhance work performance in the business field.


Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Business Program Standards (MTCU 50200, December 2012)