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Fitness and Health Promotion (3040)

2 Years - 4 Semesters      Ontario College Diploma

Program Overview

Fitness and Health Promotion gets an A+ in student satisfaction at 95.7%!

Students at Sault College will now have an opportunity to attend the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Located on the Carmarthen Campus in the United Kingdom, Fitness and Health Promotion students will have the opportunity to transfer their credits to the University of Wales to receive a BSc (Hons) degree in Personal Training. The University is part of a growing industry of educators with over 160 years of experience in offering physical education.

Sophie D`Agostino is a recent graduate of Sault College`s Fitness and Health Promotion Program who is currently pursuing the transfer degree at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

I was originally planning to go away to an Ontario University to complete my Bachelor`s Degree with my Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma from Sault College. This would normally take three years to complete. When I found out that I would be able to complete my Bachelor`s Degree in one year at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, I was ecstatic! This is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to get out there and explore the world while getting my degree. There was no way I could let an amazing opportunity like this pass my by .

Do you see yourself as someone who enjoys helping others succeed? Do areas like fitness, healthy living and inspiring others to go that extra mile interest you? If so, Fitness and Health Promotion is for you. Our program will provide you with the skills to safely assess, design, implement and evaluate personal, group and community fitness and health promotion programs. It will also instil the communication and leadership skills in you to facilitate and coach these programs.

Study here, and you`ll learn how you can be a key motivator to helping others reach goals they never thought they`d achieve.

  • Students receive over 400 hours of supervised fieldwork experience in a variety of educational, public and private organizations
  • Students will learn through hands-on experience and solid theoretical training delivered by experienced, knowledgeable and creative faculty
  • As a graduate you can pursue varied employment opportunities as this field has increased popularity with government, public and private organizations
  • Graduates will have the knowledge to seek personal training certification through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists (CSEP-CPT) subject to membership fees and requirements that are the responsibility of the student / graduate pursuing the certification
  • Graduates can pursue appealing opportunities to bridge their Fitness and Health Promotion diploma to a University Degree

In addition, as part of the program, qualified students may have the opportunity to earn nationally recognised industry certifications (subject to additional fees and successful completion of examintations).

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