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Fitness and Health Promotion (3040)

2 Years - 4 Semesters      Ontario College Diploma

Program of Study

Semester 1

CMM110 - 3College Communication Skills
FIT101 - 3Interpersonal Communication and Helping Skills in Fitness
FIT107 - 3Functional Anatomy
FIT108 - 3Personal Wellness and Lifestyle Change
FIT109 - 3Leadership I - Healthy Active Living for Children and Youth
OPA104 - 4Human Movement
PNG111 - 3Anatomy and Physiology I
PSY120 - 3Lifespan Development

Semester 2

FIT151 - 3Group Fitness
FIT153 - 4Leadership II - Healthy Active Living for Adults
FIT154 - 3Research and Trends in Wellness
FIT155 - 3Applied Exercise Physiology I
FIT156 - 3Fitness Assessments I
NTR101 - 3Sport Nutrition
PNG121 - 3Anatomy and Physiology II
GEN100 - 3Global Citizenship

Semester 3

FIT202 - 3Health Promotion I - The Foundations of Health Promotion
FIT203 - 3Prevention and Management of Injury
FIT204 - 5Leadership III- Healthy Active Living - Special Populations
FIT206 - 3Applied Exercise Physiology II
FIT207 - 3Fitness Assessments II
FIT251 - 4Exercise Prescription
GAS101 - 3Rituals, Idols and Controversies in Sports
 Student Selected General Education *
GAS103 - 3What in the World is Going On?
 Student Selected General Education *
GAS109 - 3Music and Pop Culture
 Student Selected General Education *
GAS116 - 3Your Two Cents
 Student Selected General Education *
GEN110 - 3Student Selected General Education
 Student Selected General Education *
HDG122 - 3Personal and Academic Success Strategies
 Student Selected General Education *
SSC102 - 3Introduction to Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
 Student Selected General Education *
Note: *Students must choose one of the identified Student Selected General Education Courses

Semester 4

FIT205 - 4The Business of Fitness
FIT252 - 4Health Promotion II - Community Mobilization
FIT254 - 1Career Preparation
FIT255 - 18Consolidating Field Placement

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