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Pre-Trades and Technology (4005)

1 Year - 2 Semesters      Ontario College Certificate

Where You'll Work

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce predicts that Ontario will face a shortage of about 100,000 skilled trade workers, due to retirement. As a graduate of the Pre-Trades and Technology Certificate program, you may move on to college post-secondary technology programs, apprenticeships, and/or the workplace. If you wish to pursue an apprenticeship, you should contact the local office of the Ministry of Colleges & Universities, Apprentice Branch at 705.945.6815.

This certificate program may lead you to other college programs in the skilled trades such as:

  • Aircraft Structural Repair
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician
  • Mechanical Techniques - Millwright or Machine Shop
  • Motive Power Technician - Advanced Repair
  • Motive Power Fundamentals - Automotive Repair or Heavy Equipment & Truck Repair
  • Metal Fabrication Technician or Welding Techniques
  • Electrical Engineering Technician and/or Technology
  • Construction Carpentry Techniques
  • Civil Engineering Technician

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