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Robotics and Advanced Automation (4068)

1 Year - 2 Semesters      Ontario College Graduate Certificate


The following are the Vocational Learning Outcomes of the Robotics and Advanced Automation Program:

  1. Construct and evaluate robotic control programs for various scenarios against which to model the functionality and stability of automation systems.
  2. Plan and lead the installation of new industrial equipment and its physical and digital integration with existing systems.
  3. Collaborate with health and safety personnel to develop plans and specifications that incorporate, among other elements, safety controls and physical guarding to comply with all applicable regulatory safety designs and standards used in industrial robotic applications.
  4. Assist in the assessment and management of robotic systems by applying business principles to the electromechanical environment.
  5. Validate and optimize the functioning of motor, drive, control, and robotic systems.
  6. Integrate budgetary, technical, functional and safety considerations in the design and optimization of custom automation solutions.
  7. Formulate and use a variety of troubleshooting techniques on new and legacy electromechanical equipment, processes, systems and subsystems.