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The Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards program is designed for students currently enrolled at Sault College. The application for 2017/18 will open October 1st, 2017. Please check back then for more details.

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The Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards program exists to recognize academic achievement and inspire students to pursue their educational goals while reducing financial obstacles along the way.

Donors are encouraged to contact the Student Financial Assistance Office at or by calling 705-759-2554, ext. 2714 for information on creating new awards, making donations to existing awards or establishing an endowment fund.

Full-time students attending Sault College are eligible to apply for a variety of scholarships, awards, and bursaries. Scholarships are normally awarded on the basis of academic achievement. To be considered for scholarships, a student must be maintaining a minimum 3.0 accumulated GPA. Bursaries are awarded primarily on the basis of financial need. Awards are usually awarded on the basis of both financial need and academic performance. All scholarships and awards are intended to encourage a high standard of academic and personal achievement.

The Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards Application will be available on the Student Portal under "My Records" in October of each year. The application must be completed and submitted no later than the deadline noted. While the College reserves the right to make awards to students who have not applied, no student who has applied may claim any right of consideration by the College. One on-line application for College scholarships, bursaries and awards is usually all that is required for consideration for any available award. However, there are a small number of awards that require additional information to be submitted and will be identified on the online application. Liability will be assumed by the College for the payment of scholarships, bursaries and awards only to the extent that expected gifts from donors or returns from particular investments of endowed funds are realized. Sault College reserves the right to make required changes, including cancellation of some awards.

On-line applications may be submitted by any full-time student (as defined in the Academic Policies) who is enrolled in a post-secondary program at Sault College. When your application is submitted you will receive a confirmation email regarding the submitted application, if you do not receive the confirmation email, you should report to the Student Financial Assistance Office (M1200) immediately to determine whether your application was submitted.

Additional information is available from the Student Financial Assistance Office staff in Room M1200 or by emailing

Unless otherwise specified, awards will be made available in the winter semester, usually March.


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