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  1. Apply to College.
    • Go online to by February 1st for equal consideration. Follow the prompts to complete the four step process. There is a non-refundable $95 fee to apply.
    • Watch for communication from Sault College. If you are accepted, we will mail you an offer of admission to let you know.
    • We will need a copy of your transcript to see that you have met the admission requirements prior to offering you admission.
    • Offers of admission are sent out after February 1st. You’ll want to confirm before May 1st or your seat may be offered to the next person wanting to study here.

    *The only way to apply for full time programs at Sault College is by applying at

  2. Confirm your offer of admission
    • To confirm your offer of admission, and save your spot in the program, you'll need to go back online to confirm at
    • Once you have confirmed your offer, we will send you your confirmation package in the mail which will include information on your fee payment deadlines, other important dates and portal instructions.
  3. Apply for financial assistance.
    • OSAP is the short-form for the Ontario Student Assistance Program, which is a popular financial program set up by the provincial and federal government that helps students living in Ontario get money to go to college and/or university full-time. You can either receive grants that don’t have to be paid back or loans that do.
    • You’ll need a bank account to receive OSAP, so be sure to open one if you don’t already have one.
    • You’ll also need your Sault College student card, and two other forms of ID – one that has your social insurance number on it – to pick up your loan or grant from the Student Financial Assistance office in person on main campus. The other piece of ID has to be current and needs to have your picture on it.
    • OSAP is an excellent program that helps a lot of students go to school, but be sure to pay back the money you owe or defer payments with your bank or it can really hurt your credit in the future.
    • You can apply to many other fantastic Sault College scholarships, bursaries, and awards, as well – we give away a lot of money each year, and many times, all you need to do is apply for it.
    • Visit the Student Financial Assistance Office on main campus by Tim Horton’s or call 705.759.2554, ext. 2704 to learn more and get a complete list of everything you can apply for.

  4. Send in your Final Transcript.
    • During the school year, call your high school after you apply to College and ask them to send your high school transcript to the Registrar’s Office.
    • During the summer, high schools close, so you still can apply to college but you’ll have to wait until mid to end-of-August until your school re-opens to have your transcript sent.
    • If you are fortunate enough to have your high school on-line, you can request a transcript electronically through  and it can be sent to us that way.
  5. Pay or defer your tuition fees.
    • Come by or call the Sault College Financial Services Office by July 5, 2013 to pay or defer your College fees.
    • Even though you haven’t started school with us yet, you’ll need to pay fees in the summer to save your spot in your program for the fall.
  6. Bring in the information needed for your program.
    • If you applied for Health or Community Service programs, bring or send in the following requirements to the College:
      • Supplementary Student Information Form,
      • First Aid/CPR,
      • Police Records Search,
      • Immunization, and
      • Health Records.

      Gina Guidocci receives the first three requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Practical Nursing programs.

      Katherine Johnson receives them for Personal Support Worker, Fitness and Health Promotion, Occupational Therapy Assistant and Physiotherapy Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Police Foundations, Protection Security and Investigation, Child and Youth Worker, Early Childhood Education, Social Service Worker, and Social Service Worker – Native Specialization.

    • The Health Centre in the College (down the stairs from the A-wing lobby) is the place to bring your Immunization and Health Records.
  7. Print Booklists and Your Timetable.
    • Visit the electronic student portal at, after the first week in August, to access your student information including your:
      • Booklists
      • Timetables
      • Fees
      • Academic Records
      • Personal Information
      • Forms.


Frequently asked questions about applying

How do I contact the application centre -
You can call the customer contact centre at 1.519.763.4725 or toll-free at 
1.888.892. 2228 (within Canada). You can also Email them at

The mailing address for the College application centre is:
Ontario Colleges
60 Corporate Court
Guelph, Ontario
N1G 5J3 Canada

What is a transcript and how do I get one?

Your transcript is a list or record of your grades and the subjects you have taken. A transcript is needed no matter where or when you attended school before applying to Sault College.

There are two ways to get your transcript:

  1. You can either request one online on for $10 if your high school is registered online.
  2. If you don’t receive a prompt to do so online on the site, then you’ll have to call your high school directly and have the office mail it to

If you receive your transcript personally, it is not longer “official,” and is considered an “unofficial” copy. Official copies must be sent directly from a school to the application centre.

If you are in high school in Ontario

Let your guidance office know that you are applying to college and your guidance office can send your transcripts to for you.

If you are in high school in another Canadian Province

You will need to call your school and have one (1) official transcript send to

If you are not in school

Call your last high and have them send an official copy of your transcript to

I’ve been out of high school for many years, do I still need to send the College my high school transcript?

Yes, no matter how long ago you were in school and whether you graduated or not, you will still need to send your high school transcript to the application centre. Depending on where you went to high school, you may be able to request your transcript electronically through the transcript request service at

If your high school is not in the system, you can call them directly and ask them to send an official copy of your transcript directly to

If you are applying as an adult learner:

Depending on where you went to high school, you may be able to request your transcript electronically through the transcript request service at

If not, call your last high school directly and have them send an official copy of your transcript send to

How do I apply as a mature student

If you are applying as a mature student (someone who is 19 years of age or older and has not graduated high school)call us at Sault College at 705.759.2554 ext, 2703 and set up a time to write your CAAT test (mature student test). This will cost you $25, but if you pass it, it will give you the Gr.12 English and Gr.11 or 12 Math that will be required for the program. 

What if I haven’t been to school in a long time but graduated from high school years (or decades) ago? 

You’ll still need to call your high school to ask them to send an official transcript to the  

What if my high school is closed for the summer or closed down for good? 

If your high school is closed for the summer, you can call the board office for your school and they can help you. If your former school was closed permanently, call your board office and they can direct you to the new high school that has all the records. 

If you have gone to a college or university in Ontario:
You can order your official transcripts through the transcript request service at

If you attended a college or university outside Ontario, but still in Canada: 

You will need to request that your former college or university send an official transcript to 

If you are sending documents from any other educational institution outside of Canada you need to have an original or certified copy of the documents and an official English or French translation mailed directly to If the document is not in English or French, there is an International Document Assessment fee of $60 to evaluate your credentials that can be done through
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