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The Student Job Centre (SJC) is pleased to welcome you to our on-campus location in room A1281.  We are part of the Student Services Department in the Student Success and Job Centre division. We offer employment services for Sault College post-secondary students and alumni and acts as a the hub for information and resources in regards to all your employment needs.

How can we help?

Services include cover letter, resume, interview and job search assistance, one-on-one meetings with the Student Employment Officer, and job postings for on-campus, full-time, part-time and summer employment.  We also offer telephone and computer access as well as faxing services for your own job search. We also encourage and welcome employers on campus to Drop by and check out how we can help you meet your employment objectives.

Looking for a job?

Job postings for on-campus employment as well as part-time, summer, co-op, and full-time graduate employment are all available on:

The Student Job Centre hosts a variety of employers on campus throughout the school year, including a part-time job fair in the fall and an annual Job & Career Fair every February.

Students enrolled in co-operative education programs at the College will have the opportunity to meet with their Co-op contact throughout the school year both in and outside of the classroom. Co-operative education is paid employment at the post-secondary level and combines classroom theory with practical work experience. Various workshops for all co-op students will be held to prepare you with all the tools you will need for your job search whether applying for jobs posted through the Student Job Centre or developing your own opportunities specific to your interests and career objectives

More information please contact any of our staff for assistance at or 705-759-2554 Ext. 2480. We are more than happy to assist you and answer your questions!

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