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The Accessibility Services Office is the centralized point of activities related to students with disabilities. Disabilities include visual and hearing impairments, physical and mobility limitations, medical and mental health disorders as well as learning disabilities.

The Accessibility Services Office assists students with disabilities identify the appropriate accommodations. The entire college community works together to ensure students with disabilities are provided with the accommodations that each student requires.

The Office serves as a resource for faculty and staff who work with students with disabilities.  Staff are available to answer questions, consult on problem situations, provide information, and support for accommodating students. By working together, we can ensure that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of higher education.

Brain Injury
Deaf, Deafened and Hard of Hearing  
Learning Disabilities  
Medical Disabilities  
Mental Health Disabilities  
Mobility Impairments  
Vision Disabilities


Students are encouraged to self-identify to Accessibility Services as early in the admission process as possible, in order to plan accommodations that will equalize opportunities to participate in all learning and evaluation activities within Sault College.

Once self-identification occurs for students without documentation available, the Counsellor and student will develop an interim accommodation plan and determine whether additional documentation of the disability can be secured by the student from a registered health practitioner. If the student has documentation of a permanent disability and chooses to provide the Counsellor a copy, the accommodation plan will be developed based on the functional restrictions and limitations as a result of the disability. Confidentiality is maintained within the parameters of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Legislation.

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