Message from our President

Welcome to Sault College!

The vision of Sault College is to make our society a better place by providing a transformative life experience through empowering those who study with us to think and learn in progressive, innovative ways, including those we have not yet imagined. 

Whatever your educational goals, Sault College is dedicated to satisfying your learning needs. With enthusiastic staff, small class sizes and a student-to-faculty ratio lower than the provincial average, Sault College students learn in a supportive environment.

In developing students, Sault College has created four statements reflecting the outcomes we seek by accomplishing the actions outlined in our Strategic Plan.  Because the success of or learners is fundamental to our existence, we want our students to say the following about our College: 

“I get the education I want and more.”

“The people are great.”

“It was worth it for me to come here.”

“The experience changed my life.” 

With these statements in mind, we will operate in a student-centered way and focus our organization around these four themes to create superior interactions and experiences. 

If you would like to take a tour of our expanding campus, meet with our faculty, staff and students or get more information on a particular program or service, contact our Recruitment team at 705.759.2554 ext. 2222 or email .

I look forward to seeing you at Sault College. 



Dr. Ron Common