After Quarantine

Following the receipt of a Negative Test result on the first Covid Test during Quarantine and the completion of the 14 Day Quarantine Period, students will be permitted to exit Quarantine and move to their regular accommodations in the community.

Where students have received a Positive Test result on the first Covid Test during Quarantine, they will be required to remain in quarantine/self-isolation and follow the requirements and guidance provided to them and Sault College by the local Health Unit. This could include additional quarantine time, multiple subsequent Covid Tests with Negative results, as well as additional measures or restrictions.

As students transition into the community, it is critical to mirror the proper practices and behaviors to become part of the solution and assist our communities control infection spread. Following laws and guidelines that have served Canadians well thus far will protect everyone. Wearing masks, washing hands and keeping minimum distances from others in public settings are very important.

After Quarantine, Sault College will follow up with students periodically to ensure they remain symptom free, that they continue to practice physical distancing and good hygiene to prevent infection and spread of COVID-19.

Sault College will also provide resources, should students so request, to deal with any post-quarantine or post-quarantine stigma that students might experience in the community.