During Quarantine


A.   Start of Quarantine
You must check in through the ArriveCan app within 48 hours of entering Canada. You must confirm you have arrived at your place of quarantine and complete a daily COVID-19 symptom self-assessment in this app.

Throughout the 14 days, we will be in continuous contact with you. This will include both electronic and in-person check-ins to make sure you continue to be healthy. Throughout the Quarantine Period you will be required to update the iCent App daily to verify you remain Covid-symptom free. As required by the Public Health guidelines of Canada, our Representatives will also keep records throughout your stay on their observations regarding your health and wellness.

It is important that, if at any point, you experience any symptoms or ailments that you notify us so that we can help you maintain your health.

It is also important for you to know that:

  • Should you begin to have Covid-symptoms during Quarantine, or if your COVID test during Quarantine results in a Positive – this is not grounds for deportation from Canada and in no way will impact your ability to stay and study.
  • We will help you manage the next steps that must be taken to ensure you return to full health, exit quarantine when healthy, and continue with your plans to study in Canada.
  • Costs related to Covid testing, as well as any treatments required to assist you through to returned health will be covered by your GuardMe insurance plan that is mandatory and automatically in place for all international students on arrival in Canada.

Your Sault College Representative will provide you with a Welcome Kit that includes how you might contact us throughout your Quarantine for anything you need.

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B.   Complete your Day-8 test kit

On Day-8 of your mandatory quarantine, follow the instructions in the Switch Health kit provided at the airport to complete your test. You must stay in quarantine until you have received a negative test result using the kit provided AND your 14-day quarantine period is complete.

If you receive a positive Covid test, you must isolate yourself from others immediately for a period of 14 days that begins from the time you took the test with positive results (i.e. date/time of specimen collection). A PHAC official will call you to provide you with additional instructions.

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C.   Sault College Notifications & Updates

You can stay up to date by regularly checking iCent for any new information that Sault College will share with you during your Quarantine. In addition, links to available seminars and information regarding COVID, Academic information, community information and other items will be sent to you throughout this period.

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D.   Food Delivery

During your quarantine, you may wish to order groceries or take-out deliveries from restaurants. Please remember you must pay contactless (i.e., credit card), and paying by cash is now permitted. 

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E.   Information and Education

Check iCent often for schedules of seminars and sessions to help you with:

  • Information on how to stay safe through behavior and hygiene during COVID-19
  • Workshops on How to Login to MySault and LMS to prepare for your studies
  • COVID-19 Rules and Expectations @ Sault College – an LMS course you are required to complete to demonstrate you know the rules and your responsibilities on campus and in the community

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F.   Medical Situations and Emergencies

In the event you need medical or mental health attention please contact the Sault College quarantine support staff at 705-542-1251 or email at arrivals@saultcollege.ca. Someone will assist you to ensure you obtain the care you need as soon as possible.

It is important to remain in Quarantine as leaving breaching Quarantine will result in the penalties mentioned below.

It is acceptable to leave Quarantine Accommodations to seek medical assistance on the condition that it is supervised by either Sault College or a Medical/Public Health Professional. A return to Quarantine is required immediately after the medical situation has been treated.

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G.   Breaches & Violations of Quarantine

Breaches & violations of Quarantine will be dealt with very strictly and swiftly. The following, among other activities, will be considered a breach:

  • You may not leave your individual place of quarantine accommodation unless it is supervised and for limited medical reasons and to seek medical attention
    • If in a hotel, this means you cannot leave your private hotel room for any reason unless indicated by medical professionals, police, public health officials, or a Sault College staff member
  • You may not have any visitors
  • You may not remove your mask when opening your door and dealing with any quarantine support services, such as food delivery or health and wellness checks.
  • You may not move to be physically closer than 2 meters to any individual providing you with quarantine support services, such as food delivery or health and wellness checks. This does not apply in the situation where you are seeking and obtaining medical assistance – however you must ensure the treating professional understands that you are in Quarantine as a recent arrival to Canada.


The penalties set by the government for not following your quarantine plan or breaching/violating quarantine rules can include:

  • a fine of up to $750,000
  • 6 months of jail time
  • being found inadmissible, removed from Canada and banned from entering for 1 year


In the event you breach quarantine rules, local police, local public health officials, Public Health Canada, Canada Border Security Services and IRCC will all be notified.

If you are unable to accept the terms and conditions of the Quarantine Act and the laws and regulations of Ontario as they relate to COVID, as well as the requirements of Sault College as they pertain to Quarantine Plan, you have the option to potentially defer your program to a later intake. Please consult with your Education Consultant/ Agent to explore this option.

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H.   Health & Wellness

The following resources are available to you during and after Quarantine. It is smart to get help when you need it – waiting too long can make things worse:

keep.meSAFE Mental Wellness Student Support Program

Sault College College will be launching the keep.meSAFE Program at the start of the fall semester.

keep.meSAFE  by   guard.me    provides Sault College International students with real-time and appointment-based confidential, multilingual mental wellness support, anytime of the day or night from anywhere in the world!

Get matched with a counsellor that speaks your language, is from your culture, or has a shared experience for any school, health, or general life concern at no cost. Real-time support is available via telephone and chat. Appointment-based support is available over the phone and via video.


Good2Talk.ca  provides confidential support services for post-secondary students in Ontario.

Sault College Health Services

Health & Counselling services at Sault College are confidential and available to all registered students. Our goal is to promote student success by providing care that supports well-being. You can request an appointment by emailing studentservices@saultcollege.ca

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