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Reporting Summary Chart

Reported Date of Positive COVID-19 Test Result      Active/Resolved
September 23, 2020     Resolved
October 9, 2020Resolved
January 20, 2021  Resolved
January 29, 2021Resolved


Information on this page will be updated as available. The College will take appropriate steps to maintain health and safety on campus and is in ongoing consultation with Algoma Public Health. This chart shows the number of confirmed cases of staff or students on campus since the start of the academic year in September 2020. The numbers represent Sault College students or staff who were present on the Sault Ste. Marie campus, including residence, within 14 days of their diagnosis. The date in which a case is shown as reported reflects when Sault College received confirmation of a positive case. It does not necessarily reflect that the individual was on campus on that date. In the event of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case(s) on campus, Sault College will initiate its COVID-19 Campus Contact Response Plan.

REMINDER:   Sault College’s vaccination policy is in effect, and we want to remind all staff and students that you are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID 19 or have an approved exemption to enter campus after October 31, 2021. 

Download the Sault Safe  app today and upload your proof of vaccination for   access into the College as of November 1, 2021.   More details  below!    

"Fully vaccinated” means having received (a) the full series of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by Health Canada, or any combination of such vaccines, one or two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine not authorized by Health Canada, followed by one dose of a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine authorized by Health Canada, or three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine not authorized by Health Canada and (b) having received a final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days ago.

Visit   Vaccination Policy | Sault College  for more information about the vaccination policy and  frequently  asked   questions.

October 8, 2021 - Sault Safe App and Proof of COVID-19   Vaccination

 As part of the Sault College vaccination policy, anyone accessing College property must be fully vaccinated by October 31   and have proof of full vaccination. To support this, staff and students can download the Sault Safe App to     upload their proof of vaccination to allow access into the College. Once your vaccination proof is reviewed and approved by Occupational Health and Safety the App will assign you a QR Code that you can show to security each time you access the College. (Note: approval may take several days/weeks due to the initial volume of vaccination uploads). See additional Frequently Asked Questions below.

What is the Sault Safe App?

The Sault Safe app is a free app for all Sault College students and staff.  The app will help provide a safer college campus with many features and resources.  As of November 1, 2021, this app will be used for proof of COVID-19 vaccination required for College access.

Where can I get the Sault Safe app?

The app can be downloaded through the following:
Sault Safe for iPhone
Sault Safe for android SAULT SAFE - Apps on Google Play

What if I cannot use the Sault Safe app?

Staff and students who do have access to a mobile phone can complete the application through the a web browser, print off a copy of the approved badge to present to security when accessing the College.

What happens after I submit my proof of vaccination?

Once your proof of vaccination has been submitted and is under review, you will have a yellow QR code on the “View Application Status”. Once approved, you will have a green QR Code that you can show to security when accessing the College.

How long does it take for my proof of vaccination to be approved?

Our team is working diligently to review and approve proof of vaccination. Approval may take several days.

Will the College be storing my personal information?

The app is designed to ensure that health information submitted to the College is secure and confidential. Only Occupational Health and Safety sees the vaccination proof and it is then immediately deleted.  You will know it has been deleted once you receive the green QR Code on your app. 

We want to assure staff and students that personal health information will not be stored. Once proof of vaccination has been submitted, reviewed and approved, the system automatically removes it from the app and you get a green QR Code.

Where can I get my vaccination receipts?

Official vaccination receipts can be downloaded fromOntario’s Vaccination webpage, which can then be uploaded to the Sault Safe app.

What do I do when I arrive on campus?

Open the Sault Safe app, select “COVID-19” (green bar).

Select  "Vaccine Passport" button, then select "View  Vaccine Passport" to show your green QR code to security.

For those who submitted proof via the web portal, print off a copy of the approved badge and present to security when accessing the College.

What else can I do with the app?

In addition to proof of vaccination, the app has many great features, including:

  • campus maps
  • friend walk
  • report security issues or tipsemergency contacts
  • resources for help



The College continues to have many screening protocols in place for accessing the campus/Sault College properties. These continue to be in effect until further notice. Important Note: Aviation staff and students should verify current protocols with their direct Manager or Program Chair

By swiping your student/staff card, you are attesting that:

  • you are fully vaccinated (two doses) against COVID-19 and have received your final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days ago
  • you are not experiencing one or more of the following symptoms that are new or worsening (symptoms should not be chronic or related to other known causes or conditions):   
    Fever and/or chills (Temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius/100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher), 
    ough or barking cough (croup)   (Not related to asthma, post-infectious reactive airways, COPD, or other known causes or conditions you already have)
    Shortness of breath   (Not related to asthma or other known causes or conditions you already have)
    Decrease or loss of smell or taste   (Not related to seasonal allergies, neurological disorders, or other known causes or conditions you already have)

    (For adults > 18 years or  older):  Unusual tiredness, lack of energy (not related to depression, insomnia, thyroid dysfunction, or other known causes or  conditions you already have)
    (For children < 18 years):  Nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea (Not related to irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, menstrual cramps, or other known causes or conditions you already have)

  • In the last 14 days, you have not travelled outside of Canada and been advised to quarantine as per the federal quarantine requirements
  • you have not been told by a doctor, health care provider, or public health unit that you should currently be isolating (staying at home)
  • In the last 10 days, you have not been identified as a "close contact" of someone who currently has COVID-19 
  • In the last 10 days, you have not received a COVID Alert exposure notification on your cell phone 
  • In the last 10 days, you not tested positive on a rapid antigen test or a home based self-testing kit (if you have, you have since tested negative on a lab-based PCR test)
  • anyone you live with is not currently experiencing any new COVID-19 symptoms and/or waiting for test results after experiencing symptoms 
We are committed to reviewing the latest resources and adapting the latest guidelines to our facility. We are promoting the implemented practices through communication and education. We are proactive with all hands on deck and are committed to being flexible under the guidance of public health officials. We are ready!
See our planned approach on re-opening our campus. Please check our website frequently for updates on program delivery, campus re-opening plans and updates on our precautions to a safe environment.