Kid Camps

Building on a successful first year, Sault College is excited to bring back our CNC Manufacturing Camp – with a new element for our students!

We are going to be offering an enhanced CNC Manufacturing camp that will introduce students entering grades 7 and 8 to the field of manufacturing as well as to the field of robotics.

Find more information below, including dates, prices, how to register, and what you need to attend each camp. Spaces are limited!

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CNC Manufacturing Camps

We will be offering two new camps this summer for students entering grade 7 or grade 8 in September 2023.

  • CNC & Robotics Camps
  • CNC & Robotics Camps:  Indigenous Focus
    • Students must be Indigenous

During the week-long summer camp, students entering grade 7 or grade 8 in September 2023 will work on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lathes and milling machines. They will also learn the basic function of Fusion 360 cad/cam software. Students will rotate through the different machines making different parts on each machine for an assembly project.

Students will have the opportunity to see various parts as seen on mechanical drawings being machined from various materials like aluminum and brass. As the components become actual machined pieces, the students will learn to measure and verify dimensions using precision measuring tools.

During the week, we will work as a team on the assembly of their decorative cannon. Each student will have a miniature machined cannon project to take home. Students will receive safety induction in the Machine Shop and safety instructions in the event of an evacuation, etc.

Students will learn introductory robotics in Sault College robotics lab on the ABB industrial robots. Students will learn about robot safety, the parts of a robot and how they move. Students will learn how to jog the robot around and open and close the robot grippers as-well-as create programs for the robot to run.

Using the parts manufactured for the assembly project, the students will program the robots to interact with them to perform a task.

Indigenous Focus

Each day, our CNC Manufacturing Camp: Indigenous Focus  will offer students traditional food and culture for  breakfast and lunch. This will take place in   Enji Maawnjiding,  the “Where We Gather” Indigenous Centre that we lovingly refer to as Enji.

Dates & Pricing
CampDateCostTotal Cost
CNC & Robotics Camp
July  10-14, 2023$130 + HST$146.90
CNC & Robotics Camp:
Indigenous Focus
July 17-21, 2023$130 + HST$146.90


Times & Location

Learners can be dropped off at 9:00am and picked up at 4:00pm at the M-Wing main entrance off Northern Avenue. 


Limited spots are available, so sign up today.



How to Register

  1. Click on the   Register  button above to fill out the registration form.
  2. Save and email the completed form to  or  fax it to 705.759.7984
  3. Once your spot in the camp has been confirmed, payment    can be made over the phone with Financial Services by Visa or MasterCard.

Call 705.759.2554 ext. 2300 Monday–Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

At this time, summer camps are full, however, we are still accepting registrations for our waitlist.

What You Need
  • Safety glasses and steel-toe work boots (steel toe cover for over regular shoes are also accepted).
  • Please pack a lunch for your learner if attending camp from July  10-14.

Call Jamie Maki  at 705.759.2554 ext. 2430 or e-mail