Introducing a degree partnership with Humber College

Bachelor of Engineering – Mechatronic Degree

Sault College and Humber College are partnering to offer an innovative opportunity for post-secondary learners. Beginning September 2021, the Colleges will co-deliver the Bachelor of Engineering - Mechatronics, allowing students to study at either Sault College – Sault Ste. Marie Campus or Humber’s North Campus. This collaboration strengthens opportunities for learners, particularly those in the North, to study in exciting and emerging fields while living closer to home.

The Bachelor of Engineering - Mechatronics will provide students with hands-on experience with industry-standard advanced technology and practical co-operative work placements. Through their studies, learners will gain knowledge and skills in mechanical, electronics and computer engineering. Graduates will be prepared for highly skilled careers in fields such as advanced manufacturing, energy, health care, and pharmaceuticals.

A co-op work program (3 work terms) ensures that work-integrated learning experiences are woven into the curriculum. This provides students with a contextual understanding of the industry and specific sectors they are training for, as well as recognition of the importance of hands-on experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Bachelor of Engineering – Mechatronics begin?
The program is scheduled to begin in September 2021.

When can students begin to apply to the program?
Students can begin applying as of October 2021.

How do I apply to the program?
Students apply for the program through the Ontario Colleges application service at

How many students will be accepted into the program?
The colleges anticipate an initial intake of 65 students into the Bachelor of Engineering – Mechatronics between both Humber and Sault campuses.

Do I have to be at Humber or in Toronto to take the program?
The program is available at Humber’s North Campus in Etobicoke (north-west region of Toronto) and Sault College’s Sault Ste. Marie Campus.

How is the program designed?
The Bachelor of Engineering – Mechatronics gives students hands-on experience with industry-standard advanced technology. The program begins with a common platform of first year courses with two other Engineering degrees only available at Humber. All students from both campuses and across all three disciplines will learn together in the common courses.

Does the program include a co-op or field placement?
Yes. The co-op work program component comprises thee work terms each with 420 hours. Co-op ensures that work-integrated learning experiences are woven into the program curriculum.

What are the benefits of Humber and Sault College co-delivering the program? In addition to enhancing access to postsecondary education in Sault Ste. Marie and Northern Ontario, Humber and Sault College’s collaborative partnership will:

  • Facilitate and increase access to and student mobility in quality post-secondary education;
  • Streamline Time-to-Degree, so that students from eligible programs can pathway into the degree through both institutions and streamline degree completion;
  • Achieve economies of scale by co-delivering programming;
  • Allow students to stay in their home communities.

How will the program be delivered?
The program will be delivered using a blended learning model, which includes a combination of in-person delivery/support and videoconferencing. Students from both institutions participate from their home campus location. The majority of course hours are delivered face-to-face, either in person or through technology, depending on where the faculty member is located. Students complete all degree requirements at their home institution.

Is the program accredited?
The Bachelor of Engineering –Mechatronics is designed to meet the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board’s (CEAB) requirements. Humber will be eligible to apply for CEAB accreditation upon the graduation of the first cohort of students in 2027*.

Will graduates be eligible to apply to Professional Engineers Ontario for a P.Eng. licence?
Graduates will meet the academic requirement after the program is accredited by CAEB; however, applicants should refer to the PEO website for more information about licensure requirements.

What can I do when I graduate from this program?
Graduates of this engineering degree program will be ready for careers in advanced manufacturing, energy, health care, food and pharmaceutical packaging, consulting and other emerging areas related to the industry.

Bachelor of Engineering – Mechatronics: Study Schedule at-a-Glance
Engineering Mechatronics Schedule

*The information in this FAQ is accurate as of September 27, 2020. Sault College does its best to update program information regularly. However, on occasion, changes do occur. Therefore, after September 27, 2020, Sault College reserves the right to modify the information herein.