Employer Services

Our Employer Services team works directly with employers to offer free services.

Services Include

  • The development of job descriptions and training plans
  • Job postings on community websites and local job boards (confidential postings if requested)
  • Resume referrals from a pool of qualified candidates
  • Collecting and pre-screening resumes based on employer requirements
  • Guidance in the development of interview procedures and questions
  • Access to interview facilities at no charge
  • Assistance with planning and hosting job fairs, information sessions, and virtual hiring events

Job Fairs and Interview Facilities

Throughout the year, employers can access the space at either the Student Job Centre on campus or the Employment Solutions sites in downtown Sault Ste. Marie and in Blind River. Our Employer Services team assists employers to effectively develop and deliver job fairs and promote available positions within our network to ensure opportunity exposure.

Annual Career Fair

The Employer Services team at Student Job Centre and Employment Solutions host an Annual Career Fair every February, held on campus and open to the public. Employers are encouraged to reach out and speak with a team member when considering employee recruitment.