Other Funding

Student Access Guarantee Bursary   (non-repayable funding)
Sault College is pleased to partner with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities    in providing additional support to students identified with additional costs not recognized by the limitations of the OSAP program under the Student Access Guarantee program.

Students that have applied for OSAP and continue to have an "unmet need" of at least $100 not covered by the OSAP program will receive a Student Access Guarantee Bursary at the time that the January instalments of OSAP are issued.

Student Exceptional Expense Bursary (non-repayable funding)
This bursary was designed to assist students who due to an "exceptional expense" are no longer able to balance their school term budgets.

Students must complete an application form and provide a written explanation of the exceptional expense incurred, the steps taken to resolve the financial issue and exactly what the monies requested will be used for.

The Student Exceptional Expense Bursary is available to all full-time post-secondary students who demonstrate an unmet financial need due to an exceptional expense. Students may apply for assistance at any time during the semester through the Student Financial Assistance Office. All applications are reviewed by the Committee. Normally the maximum allowable does not exceed $500 per semester per person. These funds are issued at the discretion of the Committee with the final approval of the President's Executive Committee.

Contact the Student Financial Assistance Office, by emailing   student.financial.assistance@saultcollege.ca  to obtain an application form.

Annual maximums will be part of consideration.

Bursary for Students with Disabilities Program / Canada Study Grant for the Accommodation of Students with Permanent Disabilities  (non-repayable funding)
Non-repayable bursaries are available to help students with financial need meet their disability-related educational costs without having to incur additional debt and to increase the participation rate of students with disabilities in post-secondary education. Additional information and the application is available from the Student Services Office in Room E1100.

Part-Time Canada Student Loan
Assistance for students studying part-time may be available under this program. Funds to assist with the costs of tuition and books are available for eligible students.

Applications are available at   https://www.Ontario.ca/OSAP

Indigenous Student Bursary
Do you identify as First Nation, Metis, Inuit or Indigenous ancestry or heritage?
Are you experiencing financial difficulties?
Make an appointment with any of the College Counsellors to discuss your needs!
For appointments please contact Kris at X2452 or Luke   at    X2703.

Ontario First Generation Bursary
Are you the first in your family to attend College or University?  
If your parents did not attend post-secondary studies inside or outside of Canada, if you are an Ontario resident, enrolled full-time during the current academic year and have a financial need in excess of $1,000 you are eligible to apply for the Ontario First Generation Bursary.  Applications are available in the Student Financial Assistance Office from October 1st - mid November each year.

The programs noted above are for students currently enrolled in a program at Sault College.