Do you love to taste your homework? If you speak the international language of food, then our Culinary programs are for you. Take your culinary passion and transform it into a career that is oh so satisfying.

Cooking and creating dishes is your art. You have an appetite to connect people through your work. And guess what? That makes us really happy. We’ve designed our Culinary Skills - Chef Training and Culinary Management programs to have you working alongside experienced chefs, learning the techniques to make you a culinary star in any kitchen.

Discover innovative ways to prepare foods for 1 to 100+ people in our state-of-the-art industrial facility. And tap into your creative side through practicing hands-on presentation methods – you eat with your eyes first, after all! Success in your field is our goal.

Our Culinary Management program takes your skills to dynamic kitchens with paid co-ops. Benefit from skilled chefs and experienced restauranteurs in our local and highly regarded restaurants!

We look forward to seeing the heights you’ll reach in your career. Whether it is working at an international resort, five-star restaurant, supper club, or launching the next big food trend – you will find your flavour here.

Explore our Culinary programs below.