Celebrate Diversity

Love your Real You. We do.

Sault College celebrates diversity, equity, inclusion and respect. Who would not! It makes every day here more exciting. We love what makes you – you. We love the richness and diversity of our student population and as our college community evolves, and our staff and student population changes, we will make sure we have a place that is welcoming.

We believe all people    are able and responsible, and should be treated that same way. We believe that we must put students first and that doing so in an honest way creates an invitational college which encourages diversity and inclusion, which in turn strengthens the fabric of our college and student life.

As such we demonstrate leadership in eliminating barriers, and implementing and promoting diversity through our academic policies, special initiatives and proactive measures.

Look for our   Campus Watch       initiative to help you feel safe within our school. Celebrate in our cultural events and festivals like International Day and seek answers you need from one of our International Department staff.

We are committed to taking on and getting rid of harassment and discrimination. So, we welcome you into our home – as we are excited to hear about yours.

View the Sault College Statement of Diversity here >

Celebrating Gender and Sexual Diversity

Sault College celebrates diversity of our students and knows its responsibility to work toward a safe and welcoming home for people of all gender identities and sexual orientation.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+) community at Sault College is welcomed and we want your real you to be comfortable here. Our goal is knowing we can take care of all of our students through knowledge about LGBTQ+ issues and our available resources on campus to support our students in any which way they need.

Our goal is to ensure that all LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff feel supported and aware of LGBTQ+ issues and resources on campus.

Look for our Campus Watch initiative to help you feel safe within our school. Access to All Gender washrooms are also available throughout the campus. Celebrate in our Pride events throughout our school year and seek answers you need from our dedicated LGBTQ+ counsellor with additional access to the QSA Alliance, a local peer support group.

Feel welcome. Feel at home. Celebrate your real you.