Student Satisfaction

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of education and a superior student experience and the College is pleased with this outcome. Since 1998, the provincial KPIs have been gathered annually by independent research firms for the colleges and for the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. 

The voices and perspectives of our students always tell us an important story. We’re proud and excited to announce that Sault College is once again in the top spot in the province based on a key performance indicator (KPI) survey for student satisfaction. These results support and complement our collective goal to provide a quality education and superior student experience!

These amazing results are consistent in various areas including:

Number One in Overall Quality  of Learning Experience

This accolade shows our students were very satisfied with their experiences, such as practical skills, online instruction, field placements, clinical experiences and so much more!

Number One in Overall Quality of Facilities

This accolade shows our students were very satisfied with facilities within the college like our amazing fitness centre, our labs, our campus grounds and social spaces!

Number Two in Overall Quality of the Services

This accolade shows our students were happy with our services such as student financial aid, student supports and so much more!

*The data on student satisfaction was gathered by an independent research firm in a survey in which 19 of the 24 Ontario Colleges participated in February 2020.

"These results are great news for our College. We cannot stress enough how important and valued the opinions of our students are!"
Dr. Ron Common, Sault College President