Academic Integrity

Academic integrity—or responsible engagement in one’s academic performance—is fundamental to Sault College. An overarching value, it guides students, faculty, and staff in their participation in education. For the institution, this means fostering a culture of honesty and accountability where expectations are clear and student learning is supported. For the student, academic integrity means developing key employability skills and cultivating ethical standards. For the institution and student alike, it means preserving the credibility of Sault College credentials.

In Sault College classes, labs, and field camps, students discover the importance of collaborating effectively in teams and remaining answerable to community stakeholders. They are taught the value of grounding their knowledge and ideas in a professional discourse—that with such a basis, their expertise grows. Our students learn to fully appreciate the benefits of lifelong learning, sharing and accrediting ideas, and upholding the highest professional standards. And so at Sault College, in all facets of learning, students are to follow academic integrity practices.

To help prevent academic dishonesty offences—deliberate or careless actions that devalue the academic standing of oneself or another—the Sault College Academic Integrity Policy clearly describes how infractions are tracked across a student’s program enrolment and sanctioned according to frequency and severity. As well, students can expect a dynamic support network to assist them in applying themselves to their work, and their work to professional guidelines. Can a student retrieve a hard-to-find article for a report? Yes: They can chat with a librarian through the Library website. Can a student receive guidance on how to document their sources? Yes: They can visit The Write Place. Sault College students are confident knowing faculty, learning specialists, counsellors, and many more are there to help them navigate through their college career.