Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance office supports the planning and decision-making to ensure quality, accountability, student success and continuous improvement.

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The quality assurance system is in line with the standards set by the  Ontario Colleges Quality Assurance Service.    Colleges are audited on a five-year cycle to ensure alignment with the standards through the  College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP)

Six Standards are assured within CQAAP:

  • Program Quality Management System
  • Program Development
  • Conformity with Government Requirements
  • Program Delivery and Student Assessment
  • Existence, Monitoring and Communication of Academic Policies and Practices
  • Availability and Allocation of College-Wide Resources

Sault College proudly received six out of a possible six fully met quality standards in the 2014 Audit and is preparing for our next audit in 2019.

Sault College Quality Assurance Processes

New Program Development

A strong program development process is at the foundation of our quality assurance system.

Program Review

Sault College believes that regular program review is important in order to provide innovative academic programs that assure teaching and learning quality and that respond to industry and student needs.  Each Sault College program completes an Annual Program Review to ensure the currency and relevance of all of our programming. The Annual Program Review process informs the need for comprehensive program review.

Curriculum Management

The cornerstone of strong programs is strong curriculum.

Curriculum modification occurs on a regular on-going basis to ensure that Sault College academic programs maintain relevance and are aligned with provincial standards and industry demand.

Curriculum is communicated to students through individual course outlines. Consistency in development, revision, management, retention and distribution of course outlines promotes program and student success.

Student Feedback

Student Feedback Questionnaire

Students complete the Student Feedback Questionnaire using an online tool for each of their courses throughout a semester.  The Student Feedback Questionnaire is designed to inform continuous improvement – faculty have the opportunity to learn from and make changes to course delivery and in response to student input.

Key Performance Indicators

The Ministry of Colleges, Training, and Universities uses five Key Performance Indicators to measure how well Ontario colleges meet the needs of students and the marketplace. The results of the KPI surveys provide Sault College with information about areas of strength or concern within the College. With careful analysis of the results, Sault College can develop strategies for improvement to better serve students, graduates and employers.

At Sault College, the office of Quality Assurance leads the data collection, analysis and reporting of the five KPI

  • Student Satisfaction
  • Graduate Satisfaction
  • Employer Satisfaction
  • Graduation Rate
  • Graduate Employment Rate