After You Land


Once you have collected your baggage at the Baggage Claim, proceed to the Canada Border Security Agency’s Checkpoint and provide them with the stamped Declaration Card.

Once you have passed this Checkpoint, please open iCent - COVID Safe Canada and update your status to “Arrived” so that we at Sault College know that you have successfully arrived.


A.   At the Airport Terminal

Please make sure you collect and bring all your Carry-On items and documents with you off the aircraft. Be sure you are wearing a mask as you leave the airplane.

Travelers entering Canada by air or by land must provide basic information using the traveler contact information form, available through the ArriveCAN mobile app for iOS, Android and web format. Download the app   HERE.

Proceed to the Canada Customs and Immigration checkpoint. When you reach this area:

Wait for your turn in the line/queue to be called by the Immigration Officer Present yourself professionally and attentively and in an organized fashion, ready with the immigration documents:

  • Valid Temporary Resident VISA or eTA
  • Letter of acceptance from your institution
  • Proof of funds for the duration of your stay in Canada
  • Proof you have paid your deposit to Sault College. You will find your receipt by checking MySault College under Student Account.
  • Any other documents you used when you applied for your Study Permit
  • Your detailed Quarantine Plan including your goverment stopover hotel booking (a paper copy in addition to what you have added to the ArriveCAN app)
  • Proof of a valid COVID-19 molecular test that was taken within 72 hours of your entry into Canada   or your scheduled  flight  departure time

As the Immigration Officer verifies and asks questions please ensure you are providing them with full attention and focus, responding to their questions. Upon verification & immigration questions, the officer may issue you a Study Permit and stamp your Passport The immigration officer may also issue you a SIN card document [The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a 9 digit number that you need to work in Canada or to have access to government programs and benefits]. You alternatively can obtain your SIN card, if desired, following your Quarantine at a local Services Canada office The immigration officer will redirect you to proceed further towards Baggage Claim

Arrival Testing at the airport

You will be required to take a test before leaving the airport. You will also be provided with a COVID-19 At Home Specimen Collection Kit to use for your test on day 10 of your mandatory quarantine. Following the arrival test, you will need to go to your reserved hotel to await test results.

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B. Travel From Airport to Quarantine Accommodations

Sault College has made FREE Airport Pickup arrangements via pre-arranged taxi or limousine service to take you to your Quarantine Accommodations so that you may start your Quarantine Plan. Please refer to the Designated Meet Point as outlined in the iCent App for the Airport that is in your final destination city.

You must not take public transportation, such as coach bus or city bus, when leaving the airport.

You and your co-arriving family MUST proceed directly to your government stopover hotel from the airport. No planned or unplanned stops during travel to the quarantine site is permitted.

Please remember - failure to follow the Quarantine Plan will result in penalties that include fines, imprisonment and ejection from Sault College.

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