Electrical/Electronic and Emissions Systems

Electrical/Electronic and Emissions Systems - AST613
Upon successful completion the apprentice will have the ability to explain the terminology and principles of operation of electricity; the ability to select, measure and use various types of electrical test equipment; the ability to explain the purpose of construction, principles of operation, and perform inspection and testing of batteries; the ability to perform circuit calculations to verify Ohms and Watts Laws; the ability to demonstrate knowledge of wiring schematics, component identification and ability to trace electrical circuits; the ability to describe the purpose, construction and principles of operations of circuit protection devices and perform circuit repairs, electromagnetic devices, electronic devices, fuel system components, intake and exhaust systems including inspection/testing; the ability to explain the basic operation of emission control systems; and the ability to explain the purpose, operation and safety working practices associated withy hybrid vehicles - all according to sound scientific principles, accepted trade standards, and manufacturers` standards, instructions and recommendations.