Introduction to Resource Consulting: Field Placement

Introduction to Resource Consulting: Field Placement - OEL1305
This field placement experience introduces students to the work of ECE resource consulting. Building on prior skills and knowledge students examine current legislation, policies and evidence informed practices to reflect on how the roles of the RECE and ECE resource consultant complement each other to support children living with special needs. Students demonstrate collaborative professional practices as they promote and advocate inclusive policies and environments. In consultation with the service team, students select, administer and interpret observation techniques and screening tools in order to contribute to the Family Service Plan. In addition, they recommend program adaptations and modifications that demonstrate the principles of early learning pedagogy and inclusive play-based early learning practices, empower parents as decision-makers. Students reflect on the effectiveness of those strategies as well as on their own personal development as early childhood interventionists.Note: The facilitator in this course does not provide placement services, collect police/medical checks or provide affiliation agreements on behalf of students registered at colleges other than Seneca.  With the support of the registering college all students should be ready at the start of the course to provide the facilitator with the agency name, location, contact name and the agreed upon hours/dates of placement.  The facilitator will liaise with agency to conduct the students assessment.