A Deep Dive into General Arts and Science

Explore a wide range of interesting subjects while developing sought-after skills in communication, critical thinking, and interpersonal relations. Study social science, humanities, communications, math, and science as the best way to discover what career path to pursue.



 Sault College has partnerships with many universities, to help our students further their studies by completing a diploma right here, and then completing two more years for a degree with a partnering university. 

Program NameDegree
General Arts & Science - University TransferHonours Bachelor of Arts in English, History, Political Science or Sociology
General Arts & Science - University TransferBachelor of Arts in Psychology or Law and Justice


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Postsecondary Graduate Debt

Median debt amount at graduation for students in the humanities field of study, which includes general arts and science program areas:



Salary Expectations

 There are numerous possibilities for positions from this program category, which makes an average starting salary difficult to predict. Most graduates who enter the workforce right away will find entry-level jobs, but those with experience may find positions at a higher level with higher earnings*.

*Source: ontariocolleges.ca


Start Your Path to a Diploma or a Degree

If you’ve begun with our General Arts and Science - One-Year program, you can choose to continue your studies with one of Sault College’s many diploma programs where, with the right requirements, you could be enrolled in your program of choice. 10% of spots in our diploma programs are reserved for General Arts and Science certificate holders. This is a great way to strengthen academic skills needed to enter high-demand program areas.

Start with our General Arts and Science – University Transfer diploma program if you  are considering continuing on to university to earn a degree. Gain a solid foundation for university study while you explore various interests and subjects and work with faculty to choose electives based on your goals and be prepared for a diploma to degree pathway.


A Deep Dive Into Your Career Path

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