Sault College currently offers individuals a wide range of micro-credentials designed and developed to meet specific industry needs and provide upskilling and training required to fill various training gaps.

Several micro-credentials have been designed by industry experts to ensure the curriculum reflects specific target needs within industries.

Micro-credentials are short courses that range from 3 to 20 hours to complete.  Upon successfully completing these micro-credentials, learners are awarded a digital badge and a certificate of completion that can be shared with employers, social media and included on your resume.

 Micro-credentials are ideal for learners who require flexibility as these credentials are delivered online and are self-paced.  Learners have up to 90 days to complete a micro-credential which includes industry expert curriculum, instructional materials and resources, learning activities, and a final assessment.

Micro-Credentials Website

All micro-credentials have been designed by industry experts, Instructional and eLearning Designers, and Quality Assurance Curriculum Reviewers.
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Subscriptions and Memberships for Employers

 We also provide corporations, organizations and small businesses with subscription models and customized training packages to support their learning and training needs. 
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eLearning Design & Development Services

Sault College now offers eLearning design services to corporations to develop customized eLearning training modules to meet the needs of their employees.
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