Motivated By The Dynamic Nature of Aviation

Meet George, a  2018 graduate of the Aviation  Technology - Flight program. Born in Kenya, George's family moved to Toronto when he was 11 years old. He was drawn to a career in aviation thanks to his love of travel and learning about different cultures. George explains how everyday on the job comes with its own set of challenges, like flying to a new airport, difficult weather, working with different people, and changes in procedures.  These challenges provide a dynamic environment  where he's always  learning - and he loves how exciting that is!

Industry Stand Out

Before Sault College, George attended a flight school where he received his Pilot permit before learning   how expensive it is to get a Pilot's license. Through his research, George explored Ontario College programs since they're government funded - and that's when he chose Sault College. Aside from cost,  its incredible reputation industrywide   and the use of Zlin aircraft for training are what made Sault College's aviation program stand out.  His favourite thing about the program was the structure. He loved that information was always detailed in manuals, from how training airplanes are parked on the apron to  how to do a specific exercise in the air. This was key for George as it made his transition to working with an airline easier  due to similar structures.

Once he graduated, George got his instructor rating and worked for Sault College as a Flight Instructor for over two years. Next, he moved north to fly for Wasaya Airways  where he experienced a different type of flying for a year and a half. The next stop on George's journey has brought him to fly for Porter Airlines where he loves working with different people everyday and hearing their stories. George  embraces the  weather changing  from destination to destination and meeting passengers from all walks of life. He's motivated by the ever-changing nature of his aviation career.

George's advice to prospective students eyeing the skies is simple - stay committed to both your academics and flying. The  program is demanding  while juggling courses and keeping up with flying hours, but it will prepare you for the challenges ahead. Aviation is a small industry, so take advantage of networking opportunities which will support your  flight training to getting your first job and even moving up the ladder. George says "learning to fly is the same as anything else in life - as long as you put in the hard work, you'll do just fine. Enjoy the journey"!


George a graduate of our Aviation program shown in a cockpit during flight