College Announces Vaccination Policies and International Student Attendance Requirements

(Sault Ste. Marie, ON July 26, 2021) – Sault College is committed to maintaining a safe learning and working environment for its community members. With the upcoming academic year, the College has reviewed operations and monitored vaccination rates throughout the province and country. The College continues to be encouraged by the positive trends in COVID-19 vaccinations within the Algoma region and throughout Canada.

The College is announcing mandatory vaccination policies for those living/working in its student residence and for team staff, students and coaches within its varsity athletics program. Those living/working in residence are to be fully vaccinated by no later than September 20, 2021. Full vaccination for student-athletes, team staff and coaches must be completed based on a prescribed schedule. Reasonable proof of vaccination will be required.

“Sault College is looking forward to the fall semester and welcoming new and returning students. The health and safety of our campus community is an important priority and these mandatory vaccination policies will complement this. The College will continue to follow all public health guidelines and protocols this fall to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff,” says Dr. Ron Common Sault College President.

The College will be welcoming a reduced number of international students this fall. All students arriving from outside Canada will be required to meet Federal and Provincial Travel, Quarantine and/or Isolation and COVID Testing requirements on arrival. Students who arrive already vaccinated by one of four vaccines recognized by the Government of Canada may be exempt from quarantine if their proof is deemed acceptable by Canadian officials on arrival. However, all foreign travelers will still be tested on arrival.

“These Federal and Provincial measures protect Canadians, Ontarians and Saultites. The Sault College team oversees every single student’s arrival to make sure students are following Federal and local regulations. Those requiring quarantine do so for 14 days in Toronto, must take a COVID test and meet Public Health Agency of Canada conditions prior to exiting
quarantine and travelling to Sault Ste. Marie,” says Richard Peters Vice President Strategic International Development.

“We all continue to play a role in keeping our campus community and broader community safe. We strongly encourage members of our college community to get their vaccinations as soon as possible,” added Common.

Communication with those impacted by these policies is ongoing.