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Campus: Sault Ste. Marie
Start Dates: Jan 2024
Program Code: 6240


Plumbing may be defined as a network of piping for the purpose of supplying potable water and the discharge of sanitary wastes.

The history of plumbing is an interesting one in which prehistoric man of a hundred thousand years ago left indications of sanitation and plumbing skills. Crude as these devices were, they offered proof that even these primitive people realized the consequences of poor plumbing. The plumber was called plumbarius, taken from the Latin word plumbum, meaning lead. Although design has not changed through the years, the materials have changed to copper and plastic, as opposed to galvanized and lead.

Sault College is the only college north of Toronto involved with in-school training for this five-year apprenticeship program. Students are scheduled for eight-week sections of training which consist of basic, intermediate, and advanced levels which are delivered in our modern shops and classrooms. The in-school theory is based on typical design and installation in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and is regulated by Part 7 (Plumbing) of the Ontario Building Code.

Career Path

Apprentices in the plumbing trade may be employed by mechanical contractors in residential, commercial, or institutional environments.

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