Part-time Distance Education
Campus: Sault Ste. Marie
Program Code: 2023


Business Applications can be completed entirely online through OntarioLearn and is intended to develop a high level of competence with office technology and an introduction to office administration.

Individuals who have experience with office technology and administration but would like to upgrade their skills to a higher level will benefit from this program. Individuals that have limited experience in an office setting but want to seek training that will prepare them for this environment will also benefit.

All courses are offered online via the internet. Online courses begin every January, May and September. Some courses are also offered starting each month.

This program is available on a course by course basis. Students may choose to complete one or more courses each semester. Students in this program are not eligible for OSAP funding. Courses within this program must be completed within 7 years, unless otherwise specified.


OEL1173 - 3 Excel Expert
OEL1372 - 3 Access 2016 Core
OEL1410 - 3 Word - Expert
OEL384 - 3 Building and Maintaining Customer Relationships
OEL620 - 3 Business Writing Strategies

Choose one elective:

OEL1024 - Accounting Basics I

OEL1221 - Office Technology and Procedures

OEL1405 - Introduction to Project Management

Requirements & Program Information

It is highly recommended that students be familiar with how to operate a computer and have the ability to use Microsoft Office software (Access, Excel and Word) at a basic level.

OSSD or mature student status.

Career Path

Office Assistant, Academic Assistant, Clerical, Customer Service.

For more details on related occupations, job market information and career opportunities, see the Government of Canada website:


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