Part-time Continuing Education
Campus: Sault Ste. Marie
Program Code: 3052


The Medical Transcription Certificate will give you the opportunity to acquire expertise in the language of health care and the medical environment. You will gain the knowledge and skills required to transcribe dictated reports and correspondence.

In addition to transcribing the report into the desired format, transcriptionists also verify the dictation for accuracy - both medical accuracy and English language accuracy - so that the final report is a clear, medically accurate representation of the encounter between patient and provider. The development of the electronic medical record has increased the importance of ensuring the accuracy of the patient`s medical history, as more medical professionals access and rely on this record. Transcriptionists play a vital role as part of the medical team.

Please note that this program has not been assessed for requirements to qualify for Certified Medical Secretary Certification (CMS) with the Ontario Medical Secretary - Health Care Association.

All courses are offered online via the internet. Online courses begin every January, May and September. Some courses are also offered starting each month.

This program is available on a course by course basis. Students may choose to complete one or more courses each semester. Students in this program are not eligible for OSAP funding. Courses within this program must be completed within 7 years, unless otherwise specified.


CMM115 - 3 Communications I
HOA108 - 3 Health Office Keyboarding
HOA109 - 4 Health Office Foundations
HOA110 - 3 Understanding Pharmacology and Medical Tests
MED111 - 3 Medical Terminology
MTC102 - 3 Beginning Medical Transcription
MTC103 - 3 Advanced Medical Transcription
MTC104 - 3 Medical Transcription Styles and Practices
MTC105 - 3 Medical Transcription Fundamentals

Choose two electives:

  • MTC106-2     How To Start A Small Business
  • MTC107-2     Small Business Bookkeeping
  • HOA106-2     Medical Office Billing
  • HOA104-3     Processing Physicians Orders
  • MTC109-3     MS Office Essentials for the Health Office Personnel
  • MTC100-3     Writing Grammatically
  • MTC108-3      Dental Terminology

Requirements & Program Information

Ontario Secondary School Diploma with Grade 12 English (C) ENG4C or mature student status. Students are advised that experience with word processing software is essential for success. Students must purchase a WAV pedal 7 and software and headphones.

Career Path

As a graduate, your employment opportunities may include medical transcriber positions in hospital departments of Health Records, Diagnostic Imaging, and Pathology, in various medical clinics, or in private practice specialties and other community facilities, physicians` offices and online transcription companies. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit you may decide to consider using your transcription capabilities to establish an independent business.

For more details on related occupations, job market information and career opportunities, see the Government of Canada website:

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