1 Year - 2 Semesters
Ontario College Certificate
Campus: Sault Ste. Marie
Start Dates: Sep 2024
Program Code: 4053


Welding is used in almost every trade, making graduates of this program some of the most hireable in the skilled trades locally and across Canada.

In this dynamic program, you will learn the practical, hands-on skills to weld various types of metals, combined with the knowledge and theory needed to be successful in this industry.

On our state-of-the-art campus, you will have the opportunity to develop welding skills using top of the line equipment found in today’s workplaces including:

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welder (SMAW or stick welder)

  • Gas Metal Arc Welder (GMAW or MIG welder)

  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welder (GTAW or TIG welder)

  • Flux Cored Arc Welder (FCAW)

Plus, learn how to read, understand and develop the blueprints for different projects as you apply what you learn in this specialized field.

If you love to shape the world around you, the 1-year Welding Techniques program will give you the foundation for a fulfilling and hands-on future.


Requirements & Program Information

Ontario Secondary School Diploma, or mature student status.

Career Path

As a successful graduate of our Welding Techniques program, you may find work in a wide range of exciting places of employment across the globe or close-to-home.

Small and large construction and manufacturing industries continually seek out welders to join their teams.

After you have learned with us, you will be able to:

  • perform a large number of welding processes and metal-cutting techniques safely, including stick/shielded metal arc welding, mig/gas-metal arc welding, and tig/gas-tungsten arc welding;
  • prepare drawings, common views and basic drafting and sketching operations for welding projects; and
  • understand and use a variety of methods to test welds.

Once you have successfully completed your studies, you may have the opportunity to test on-site with the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) for your welding performance qualifications/certified ticket at an additional cost to you.

If you successfully finish your year in the welding techniques program, you can apply what youve learned to smoothly transition into the second-year of the Colleges two-year metal fabrication program without any further courses needed.

Fees & Costs


These fees are for the 2024-2025 academic year (year 1 of study), and are subject to change. Please visit your Student Portal to view your Schedule of Fees.


Program Coordinator: Corey Garson, (705) 759-2554 ext 2550, corey.garson@saultcollege.ca


Work with your hands in this one year program. Welding is used in almost every trade.

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