Recruitment Philosophy

Our Recruitment Philosophy

Ensure Equal Opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer. We accommodate people in all employment activities, including the recruitment process, based on the Ontario Human Rights Code (e.g. disability, religion, etc.). Accommodation must be timely and individualized to identify and remove any barriers that will keep an employee, or prospective employee, from participating equally in all aspects of employment.

Some examples of employment accommodation during the recruitment process for people with disabilities would be providing:

  • alternate formats for written materials,
  • physical adjustments (chairs, workstations, keyboards, etc.),
  • technical aids/assistive devices.

Another type of accommodation would be moving an interview or testing date due to  a religious holiday.

Hire Based on Merit

All our recruitment decisions are based on valid, practical and measurable approaches that ensure hiring on the basis of merit. This means hiring the candidate whose qualifications best meet the requirements to do the job.

Provide Broad Access

We are committed to providing broad access to employment opportunities so that diverse job seekers can apply to positions anywhere in the College and to ensuring our workforce represents the communities we serve. We also target diverse audiences through outreach and advertisements of job opportunities through various means.

Demonstrate our values

We are an invitational College. Being open and inviting means that our recruitment process reflects our mission and values, and ensures that we serve the public interest and uphold the public’s trust.

This philosophy is summed up with the following tag line on all of our job postings:

Sault College invites applications from all qualified individuals and welcomes applications from women, visible minorities, Indigenous people, persons with disabilities, and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity. We fairly hire the best candidates based on merit.

 Hiring Steps

Here is a brief overview of our hiring steps. If at any time an accommodation is required, please let Human Resource Services know so that proper steps may be taken to assist you in the process.

Step 1: Job Advertising – Job opportunities available on the Sault College website are normally posted for a minimum of 5 working days. In addition, some of our job opportunities may be advertised on external websites/publications. We continue to collect applications for a job advertisement until end of business on the closing date of the competition. In some instances, competitions have no closing date and remain open until a successful applicant is hired.

Step 2: Application Screening – All applications received on or before the closing date are screened and rated against the qualifications outlined in the job ad. Applicants whose resume and cover letter best demonstrate how they meet the qualifications to do the job will be invited to continue in the hiring process.

Step 3: Evaluation – This is your opportunity to show us how you best meet the qualifications outlined in the job ad. This is where we evaluate the candidates invited to continue in the hiring process. There may be a number of assessments based on the qualifications in the job ad; for example, presentations, written reflection, tests and an interview.

Step 4: Selection of Successful Candidate – We assess and rate candidates based on the results from the evaluation process in Step 3 to select the best-qualified candidate to fill the position. We are looking to hire the candidate whose qualifications best meet the requirements to do the job.

Step 5:  Offer to the Successful Candidate – If you are the successful candidate, we will contact you with a verbal offer of employment. If you accept, we will send you a formal letter of offer that will include information such as your start date, position, starting salary, and, if relevant, your bargaining unit. If conditions of employment need to be fulfilled prior to your start date, you will be notified in writing in your offer of employment letter, i.e.: Criminal Records Check, credential verifications, etc.

​​​​​​​Step 6: Position Filled – We have completed the recruitment process and successfully hired the top candidate into the position.