Renting to Sault College Students

Are you trying to find people to rent out your home, apartment, or any living spaces? Or maybe you're thinking of renting out a part of your own home? We've got loads of Sault College students searching for places to stay while they're studying away from home. Our Housing Office teams up with several rental companies and individuals and offers awesome support in finding the perfect tenants for your rentals. We can help out  by giving you student recommendations and even free online rental listings  - so it's a win-win for everyone!


Work With our Housing Office

If you're a landlord or ready to become one, our  Housing Office has you covered! We offer  dedicated support to  landlords like helping you set up appointments for our students to check out your rental, sharing their contact information so you can talk with them directly, and organizing all the  details for your future openings.  

The best part? No more hunting for tenants on your own! Sault College will be ready with a list of recommended students who would be a great fit for your place. Whether our students are looking for a single room, space for a family, a furnished place, or specific amenities - we'll help you find the perfect match for your rental hassle-free.   

You'll also get  access to Places4Students  to  list your  rental vacancies for free.

Contact our Housing Office
705-759-2554 ext.  2684

Let's get started! We'd be happy to answer your questions or have a look at our FAQ section below, along with testimonials from some of our current partnering landlords.

Meet Some of our Partners

When I went to college away from home, finding a place that met my needs was tough. Once I started working, I wanted to become a landlord to help students with the same problem - and now, I've been a landlord for over nine years. When I have a vacancy, I contact Sault College. Renting from someone connected to the College helps students feel safer and makes the whole process smoother. Sault College students have been great tenants. They're focused on their studies and respectful.
A lot of students need housing in the area, which means landlords always have people wanting to rent from them. Renting to Sault College students reduces the chances of places sitting empty and keeps income steady. Plus, a good relationship with tenants means they might stay longer, saving you from searching for new tenants every year. Being a landlord for students can be a rewarding experience and working with Sault College gives great benefits. They'll help you find the right students for your rental.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions. Contact our Housing Office at anytime with your questions or to begin working with us to rent to Sault College students.

How much should rent be for a single room?

Most students expect to pay between $400-$600/month depending on factors like the location, size of the room, amenities provided and if utilities and internet are included.

How many students can reasonably occupy a single room?

While we understand a single room is for one student, we encourage landlords to reassess the size of the room to decide if it allows    for an additional bed.  This can allow the rent for each student in one room to be lower and will support costs for the student as they can split costs with another student.

Another option to support accommodating two students in one room would be to furnish the room with bunk beds.   

Keep in mind, the maximum number of students that are allowed to share one bathroom is four.  This also helps our students manage their schedules and time for    school and work.

What should the cost of rent include?

It is preferred that the cost of rent should include all utilities and Wi-Fi. This helps the student budget accordingly with no surprise costs. 

Does the  rental property need to be furnished?

Many students prefer that a rental   is furnished with items such as    a bed, table/desk, chair, wardrobe area, proper lighting,  couch, kitchen table, and appliances    including a microwave and toaster. Many of these furnishings allow students to easily    move in to a  comfortable space for    sleeping, studying,    eating, and connecting with their roommates.

Should the rent include parking?

It is preferred that parking is  included within the rent price.  Parking vehicles on the street  will result in parking tickets throughout the winter months.  It is recommended for rent to   include one parking space per tenant if available.

What is a reasonable length for the lease agreement?

While students are trying to settle in as they    are new to the city and/or country, it is important that short-term agreements (4-8 months) are an option as well as 12-month agreements.  

Does my rental need to be by a bus route?

This is  an added benefit for students to have a bus stop nearby for easy access to transportation, but this is something that is beyond your control and is not a requirement.

I have a rental room or rental house available. Can Sault College assist me to fill the vacancies?

Yes.  We have a dedicated team to help you find students for your rentals.  Please email for assistance.