Stepping Out of a Comfort Zone

Meet Paul. Coming to Sault College from sunny Philippines, Paul is a top-student in our Business - Accounting diploma program. He describes the College as exceeding his expectations in every way possible.   Paul's  very presence exudes happiness and positivity. But there's more to Paul than just his infectious personality – he's a sports enthusiast, a budding musician, and a dedicated student.

Paul is an active member of the College community. He volunteered for the first Tax Clinic, a free service where Business - Accounting and Business students assisted fellow students with their 2022 tax returns. He also helped welcome new students to campus for Orientation events, and hopes to get involved as a member of the  Sault College Students' Union (SCSU). He envisions starting a GLEE Club for students to showcase hidden talents to the world and bringing entertainment events to campus.  Paul also peer tutors business students. He believes in sharing knowledge to maintain skills and loves learning from the students he helps, too. 

Choosing an Accounting Path

Paul  believes that accounting and business-related programs are some of the most versatile programs out there. These students don't need to choose a specific industry - work can be found in almost any industry.  He's working towards his degree earned back home, with his end goal to become a Canadian Professional Accountant (CPA).

He describes the challenges of being an international student, and says it was never easy to step out of his comfort zone.  Paul is blown away by the support received by Sault College faculty and staff, helping him  overcome fears and  difficulties as a new student and new to Canada. He never felt isolated from other students, thanks to the inclusive and welcoming College community, along with the academic, employment, social, mental and emotional supports available.

What sets Sault College apart, according to Paul, is having the best faculty with real-life experiences. They don't just teach theory, but how to apply it to the real world. The faculty is compassionate and patient,  ensuring student success. Paul has loved  that  professors work to connect students to prospective employers and learn the  quality of employees they're looking for - from there, they help prepare students to reach beyond that quality to get them job-ready.  Paul's  own experiences working as a Student Financial Assistant at Sault College over the summer  has been invaluable in preparing him for his future career.

A Message to Aspiring Students

Paul has a simple yet powerful message for prospective students - if you aspire to become a CPA or other accounting professional, Sault College's Business - Accounting program is the right place to start your path. If you value learning, love, and mental health, your experience at Sault College will be truly exceptional. Here, globally competitive professionals are molded and dreams are nurtured.