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Meet Jess, a graduate of our Digital Photography program from 2012. As a full-time photographer, she's best known for her emotive travel imagery captured from real-life moments. She has worked to document and share stories that inspire travellers to be curious about areas less known, feel connected to what unites us and celebrate what makes us different.

When Jess thinks back to all the things she loved about her program at Sault College, there are four that stand out. First, the small class sizes created a warm and personal environment that allowed her to connect with peers and instructors. On top of that, the one-on-one time she had with instructors was priceless. They gave her individualized guidance and support that made a huge difference. She really loved how the program was practical and hands-on, where she learned skills that she directly applied to her career -  this made her whole experience so valuable! Collaborating with students from other programs also added a dynamic and creative element to her educational experience.  Jess says, "it's no wonder I've been thriving as a full-time photographer since graduating." 

After launching her full-time career as a photographer in Dubai in 2013, her passion has earned her opportunities to work in North America, Asia and the Middle East with clients such as Vancouver Tourism, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the UAE, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Electronic Arts, BMW, Parq Vancouver, Telus and JW Marriott. She now calls Vancouver home - but will not stop capturing the best memories around the world.

My Favourite Places and Memories

Jess has travelled around the globe  through her photography and has been lucky to experience amazing cultures, people,  and sites.  Learn about some of her favourites.


Jess spent two incredible years in India from 2019 to 2021. During much of her stay, tourism was largely shut down  due to the pandemic, creating a unique experience where it often felt like she had the entire country to explore while guided by locals. India was captivating  and the time Jess spent there taught her  a lot about herself and how she views the world.  It was unpredictable and always kept her on her toes - every step outside was an adventure.

As a Canadian, Jess enjoyed the cool mountains during the summer and basked in the tropical warmth during the winters. Armed with just her camera and laptop, she had the privilege of being hired to capture festivals, create business branding, and  shoot environmental portraits.  Photographers from around the world  entrusted her to retouch their images. Jess expresses that it  was an amazing opportunity for someone with a passion for travel, and allowed her to explore, work, and truly immerse herself in the beauty and diversity of India. 


Shortly after completing her program at Sault College, Jess received a job offer as a photographer in Dubai. She found living in a multicultural city in a new part of the world fascinating - and her work played a significant role in her learning process. Her work granted her access to a behind-the-scenes view of the city and its various cultures, like royal palaces, fashion shows and lavish Arabic weddings. Dubai is the place where Jess took a leap of faith going from a staff photographer to working for herself - and she hasn't looked back. After spending two years in Dubai, she was ready to return to Canada and be surrounded by grass and trees.


Growing up in a military family and moving every three years sparked her curiosity for the world at a young age. Through her work, Jess strives to empower people to find their own journey to gain a greater understanding of the world we call home.

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