Indigenous Students

Sault College proudly offers a unique learning environment that celebrates the languages, cultures and traditions of Indigenous and Metis students. Our curriculum incorporates cultural worldviews in addition to offering Indigenous-specific programs through our department. We provide Indigenous student support services including counselling, tutoring, college application assistance and a positive, social environment through Enji Maawnjiding, the “Where We Gather” Indigenous Centre.

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Enji Maawnjiding Centre

At Sault College, education and life intersect. Students have access to Elders, Indigenous professors and instructors and can become involved in our Indigenous Student Council. We offer scholarships, bursaries, and awards specific to Indigenous students as well as an Aboriginal Apprentice Centre. Community is important here, so be sure to check out our student events, weekly soup days, feasts, annual Pow-wow and Sacred Fire Arbour.

shoesEmbracing traditions and values

Finding the real you while walking in two worlds. We support students on their postsecondary journey while celebrating and maintaining connections to Indigenous culture and traditions.