Bookkeeper Certification Canada Pathway

Enrolling in our Business or Business - Accounting program will align you with Canada’s largest and fastest-growing certifying body of bookkeepers. Graduates can fast-track toward the nationally recognized Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) designation. Students will also have access to a preferred   student membership rate, full of member benefits that will provide access to continuing education and networking opportunities with bookkeeping professionals across Canada!

Recognized across Canada by employers and clients, the CPB Canada designation sets the national standard for bookkeeping. Reviewed every two years, their knowledge expectations ensure members have the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to guide and support their success.

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Our Pre-Approved Programs


Apprentice Level Program

Business - Accounting

Technician Level Program



Being enrolled in one of our pre-approved programs allows you to fast-track through a pathway to a CPB Canada certification by waiving one or two years of work experience requirements.

You will have access to a    highly discounted Student Affiliate  membership rate with CPB Canada for just $50 annually where you can   connect with like-minded professionals and stay informed about the latest in business, workflow, technology, accounting practices, and more. Once you complete your program, you can upgrade to a regular membership and then work towards your CPB Canada pathway to become a certified bookkeeper in Canada.

As a CPB Canada Education Partner, our Business and Business - Accounting programs' curriculums have been pre-approved  on CPB Canada's knowledge expectations. This ensures you will have the knowledge and skills needed to work at the Apprentice level or Technician Level.