Safety Protocols


  • Access into the College will be available through six entrances. See our   campus map for specific entrances.
    • These entrances are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • Access before 7 a.m. and after 6 p.m. Monday-Friday and on weekends is restricted to the Health and Wellness (F-Wing) entrance.
  • Students accessing campus are also required to review and complete the Sault College COVID-19 Policies and Procedures ( training. The training provides an overview of COVID-19 policies and protocols as well as an acknowledgement of review.



  • The College’s masking policy remains in effect until further notice and will continue to be enforced.
  • At minimum, medical grade, three-ply masks must be worn. Cloth masks are not permitted.
  • Masks are required upon entrance to the College, in all reception areas, in classrooms, while in transit through campus buildings, and in all common spaces.


Daily Screening

  • Passive screening is in effect.As a general directive and for the protection of others, staff and students should not come to campus and stay home if they are feeling unwell. Using the provincial self-assessment is encouraged for specific guidance.


Health and Safety Onsite Procedures

 icon image of mask in red outline

The College’s masking policy remains in effect until further notice and will continue to be enforced.   Any individual attending the Sault College campus/properties must wear a medical grade, three ply mask, at minimum. Cloth masks are not permitted. 

Students and staff are required to wear face masks and abide by the specific policies and procedures in that area (i.e. Program specific guidelines).

 icon image of hands with bubbles indicating hand washing

Staff and students must exercise proper hand washing with soap and warm water, and/or hand sanitization using alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

 icon with a cigarette with a circle and line through it to indicate no smoking

Designated Smoking Areas are closed

 icon image of hand with cloth indicating cleaning and disinfecting

Facilities Management Responsibilities

  • Implement the guidelines of Ontario Public Health
  • Use an approved disinfecting product and ensure proper application techniques
  • Implement multiple rounds of disinfection
  • Outfit each learning space with a hand sanitizer and wipe dispenser
  • Complete one round of disinfection outside of normal campus hours
  • Schedule staff to circulate throughout the day to disinfect commonly touched surfaces

Shared Responsibilities

  • Staff/Students shall disinfect any used IT equipment before and after each use
  • Students shall disinfect individual stations before and after each use (return chairs to the original position)
  • Faculty shall disinfect their office after each use
  • Faculty are responsible to ensure that students abide by the policies and procedures set in their particular are
  • Each program shall address specialty lab tools/surfaces
  • Additional safety supplies (wipes, disinfectant etc.) are available for programs to purchase through Stores