A Deep Dive into Aviation

Push the throttle on one of the most thrilling careers in the world. Prepare to take flight and become a highly trained, professional, licensed pilot. And do you know what one of the best parts is? Your career can transport you to new and exotic places around the globe. No matter where your office is, we’re certain you’ll love the view.


Salary Expectations

The hourly wage from the chart is applicable to all air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors (including charter pilots).

Job TitleHourly Wage
Air Pilot$21.63 - $96.15


Hourly wage is for Canada. Salary will increase and depend upon experience, years of service, hours flown, the aircraft, location, and weather. Some positions may also include benefits, retention bonus, per diem and other additional pay rates.*

Air Canada

Air Canada pilot baseline salaries are among the highest in Canada as experience and years of service increase, however the first four years of pilot pay with Air Canada is a fixed rate pay, regardless of the plane flown. Air Canada annual salaries are based on 75 hours of flying time, which the airline guarantees as the minimum number of hours a pilot is paid for. New pilots with Air Canada can expect to make $57,375 in their first year and Captains with a lot of seniority and who choose to do overtime can earn over $400,000.* Average base pay Captain salary is $226,192 per year and First Officer’s is $63,160 annually.**


Pilot salaries with Porter Airlines can range from $46,439 - $268,002 per year, with a possible average base pay of $85,265 per year.

*Source: Canadian Flight Trainers (myflighttraining.ca)
**Source: Glassdoor


Labour Market Conditions

Air Pilot

With the quick post-pandemic demand recovery for this occupational group in Canada, the projected number of job openings is expected to substantially surpass the projected number of job seekers which will eliminate the temporary surplus situation from the 2019-2021 period. It is expected that we will still experience a shortage of pilots nationally through the 2022-2031 period.

The employment outlook In Ontario will be good for this occupational group, with several new positions expected and several positions to become available due to retirements. Employment growth will be seen due to improvements in the level of global air travel, the development of travel hubs, and the addition of new routes and lower cost air carriers.