A Deep Dive into Aviation

Push the throttle on one of the most thrilling careers in the world. Prepare to take flight and become a highly trained, professional, licensed pilot. And do you know what one of the best parts is? Your career can transport you to new and exotic places around the globe. No matter where your office is, we’re certain you’ll love the view.


Postsecondary Graduate Debt

Median debt amount at graduation for students in the personal, protective and transportation services field of study, which includes aviation program areas:



Salary Expectations

The hourly wage from the chart is applicable to all air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors (including charter pilots).

Job TitleHourly Wage
Air Pilot$20.00 - $73.53

Salary for air pilots will increase and depend upon experience, years of service, hours flown, the aircraft, location, and weather. Some positions may also include benefits, retention bonus, per diem and other additional pay rates.*


Air Canada*

Air Canada pilot baseline salaries are among the highest in Canada as experience and years of service increase. Pilot salaries can range from $57,375 - $400,000+ per year based on 75 hours of monthly flying time, which the airline guarantees as the minimum number of hours paid for each month. Actual flying time varies monthly.


Porter pilot salaries can range from $46,000 - $131,483 per year, with a possible average pay of $82,632 per year.

*Source: Canadian Flight Trainers (myflighttraining.ca)
**Source: Glassdoor


Labour Market Conditions

Air Pilot

Projected job openings are expected to be substantially higher than job seekers, creating a shortage of workers in this occupational group In Canada through at least 2028, with projected job openings expected to be substantially higher than job seekers. In Ontario, there will be a moderate number of new positions created and several positions available due to retirements. Over 60% of job openings are expected from retirements.

Employment growth is expected to be higher than the Canadian average. Growth is expected due to higher passenger air traffic from easing COVID-19 restrictions, the development of travel hubs, the increase of frequencies of existing connections, and the addition of new routes and lower cost air carriers.


A Deep Dive Into Your Career Path

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