New Programs for Fall 2023

We continue to develop new programming to add to our already amazing lineup of certificates, diplomas, degrees and graduate certificates. Learn about our newest programs now being offered within our School of Business and our School of Natural Environment for fall 2023.

School of Business

This two-year diploma offers a comprehensive mix of concepts and practices to carry out human resources functions within the Canadian business environment. Human Resources professionals develop, implement and evaluate human resources and labour relations policies, programs and procedures and advise employers on human resources matters.
Students of this two-year diploma program will study to carry out marketing functions within the Canadian and global business environment. With a growing focus on creative problem solving, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking, graduates of the program will be able to monitor and evaluate emerging trends and technologies, focusing on marketing results and opportunities for improvement and change.

School of Natural Environment

In this one-year Ontario College Graduate Certificate program, students will develop a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of climate change and how it impacts the natural environment. Graduates will be able to conduct change analysis and risk assessment and will be able to apply mitigative and adaptive strategies to deal with climate change challenges.
This one-year Ontario College Graduate Certificate program is designed to bridge the economic, environmental and social issues that influence communities. Students will develop expertise, skills and knowledge in sustainable community and business development by participating in theory and practice in the field with a focus on the current needs and trends of sustainable societies, communities and organizations.
As population growth in cities rises rapidly, the need for green infrastructure to mitigate the impact of development and maintain critical ecosystem services is increasingly recognized. The Urban Ecosystem Technician two year-diploma program will prepare students with the knowledge and understanding of the principles of sustainability and practical skills required to incorporate these concepts into the creation, care, restoration and maintenance of city greenspaces.