Ways to Learn

Online Learning - Taking courses offered over the Internet provides an excellent opportunity to acquire the training you need at a time that is convenient to your lifestyle. Sault College has collaborated with 22 other Ontario Colleges to develop over 900 courses in a wide range of disciplines. Visit www.ontariolearn.com for a complete listing of online courses. *You can register for all   OntarioLearn  courses at Sault College.

Independent Study - Sault College offers a number of courses and certificate programs on an Independent Study basis. With this learning method, you can start anytime. Upon registration, a facilitator will be assigned to you for the duration of your course. This mode of learning is truly independent and requires that you be very self-motivated and disciplined

Contact North (audio conferencing, video conferencing and internet technologies) - Sault College, through its partnership with Contact North, offers a number of popular courses. This learning method requires that you attend an “electronic classroom” at a specific time in a community with a Contact North site. Visit StudyOnline.ca for a list of locations.

Distance Learning (other Educational Associations) - Sault College, as a provider of lifelong learning programs, will collaborate with other online educational associations to bring you the most up-to-date training you require for your growth and advancement. With this learning method, all courses are offered over the Internet.

Classroom Learning:
Many courses are offered in a traditional classroom/lab setting. The actual location will be located in Sault Ste. Marie and will be listed with each individual course.

To learn more or ask a question about learning with us, e-mail us at continuingeducation@saultcollege.ca