2 Years - 4 Semesters
Ontario College Diploma
Campus: Toronto
Program Code: 5995


The Computer Programming program has a comprehensive curriculum that will transform you into a highly-skilled, in-demand professional ready to make your mark on the digital world!

Learn in hardware and software environments that mirror the industry-standard networks and platforms you’ll encounter in your career. Hey, we don’t want you to become outdated technology.

Work on innovative projects and develop your skills in Python, Java and JavaScript, and apply your skills to the writing of standalone and web-based DBMS applications.

As a Computer Programming graduate, you have the option of continuing into the Computer Programming and Analysis advanced diploma program, or into one of our graduate certificates, such as Mobile Application Design (MAP) or Networking And Security Architecture (NASA).

If you’re interested in a university degree in computer networking or computer science, you can apply earned Sault College credits to continue your studies at partnering institutions like Algoma University (2+1 and 2+2).

Employers are looking for you. IT is an integral part of businesses across the globe, but you already know this. Let’s team up to smash your goals in the IT sector. What do you say?

Requirements & Program Information

Ontario Secondary School diploma with Grade 12 English (C) ENG4C, Grade 12 Foundations for College Math (C) MAP4C, or mature student status.

Career Path

A strong demand for programming/analysis graduates exists in a number of different businesses and industries both locally and nationally. Graduates may seek employment in a wide range of positions such as: software development, systems analysis and design, user interface design and human factors, web and database design and programming, project management, system and database administration, end user support, management of technology. Potential for career advancement and portability of skills is high.


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