Natural Environment

Do you love mosquito bites? We know you take the environment and conservation seriously. So do we! That's why we've developed our world-renowned Natural Environment and Outdoor Studies programs. Nature is kind of a big deal around here.

Full-Time Programs

Natural Environment Technologist - Conservation and Management (Ontario College Advanced Diploma)

Adventure Recreation and Parks Technician (Ontario College Diploma)

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Technician (Ontario College Diploma)

Forestry Technician - Conservation (Ontario College Diploma)

Natural Environment Technician - Conservation and Management (Ontario College Diploma)

Natural Resource/Environmental Law - Inspection and Enforcement (Ontario College Graduate Certificate)

Part-Time & Distance Programs

Pulp and Papermaking Operations (Ontario College Certificate)

We love that you love the environment! The outdoors and nature are a huge part of where we at Sault College call home. Sault Ste. Marie is at the heart of the Great Lakes, surrounded by lush forests and among the rugged terrain of the Canadian Shield. Sounds like the perfect setting to study the outdoors, doesn’t it? We think so too.

Our nationally recognized Natural Environment & Outdoor Studies programs focus on conservation, environmental protection and exploring natural resources through field-based study and hands-on instruction. You will be a part of an immersive approach to learning where your classroom is a 50-hectare outdoor lab. And multiday field trips will have you putting your knowledge to the test.

The environment is a shared passion at Sault College. If you’re excited about a career in ecotourism, adventure recreation, fish and wildlife conservation or forestry, you belong here.