Research Approval

How to attain research approval at Sault College

In order to conduct research at Sault College, researchers must have two approvals:

1. First the proposed research must be approved by Sault College. In order to attain this approval, the researcher must complete the   Applied Research Application Form (Word document)    and submit it Jason Bird, Director of Library Services and Research by email at He will then forward it internally to the relevant parties. This generally takes 2 to 3 weeks.

2. After the proposed research has been approved by the College, and if the research involves human subjects, the researcher must attain approval from our REB. To do this, researchers must complete and submit the Ontario College Multi-Site Ethics Application form to Jason Bird as well. He will then forward the form to our REB that typically meets once per month. The REB requires all proposals to be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the meeting to be reviewed. However, occasionally, some meetings could be cancelled.

This flow chart shows the steps to follow to attain research permission at Sault College, in case you are uncertain of whether your project requires REB review, but also if you are certain that your research, indeed, requires REB approval.