Rooms in Residence

Ray Lawson Hall offers premium single (limited availability), single and double rooms for our students.

What Do Our Rooms Include?

Premium Single rooms include:

  • a bed
  • two wardrobes
  • drawers for storage
  • a desk and chair
  • a sink
  • a washroom shared with an adjoining room

Single rooms include:

  • a bed
  • a desk and chair
  • a wardrobe
  • drawers for storage
  • a semi-private living area, shared with 7 others
  • access to 2 complete washrooms in the suite area

Single Pods/Suites include:

  • two full washrooms
  • mounted flat screen TV
  • sofa, love seat, chair (some variation)
  • table and chairs

Double rooms include:

  • two beds
  • two wardrobes
  • two desks and chairs
  • a sink
  • drawers for storage
  • a washroom shared with an adjoining room




Double room blueprint


POD blueprint


Premium Single rooms are converted double rooms that share a washroom with the room next door.

Single rooms are in a suite where eight rooms face into a common living area. There are two bathrooms in the living area which are shared by the students living in the suite.

Double and Premium Single rooms share an adjoining bathroom with the double or premium single room next door. Residents in double and premium single rooms will share an adjoining bathroom with double or premium single occupants of the same sex.


Barrier-Free Rooms

Sault College is committed to meeting the requirements of students with disabilities to the best of our abilities.

If you have special needs, you should submit this information with your residence application form. If you did not complete this section of the application form, or if your situation has changed since you submitted your application, please contact the Residence Office immediately.


Room Preferences

When filling out your application form, please rate your room choices 1 through 6 so that we can try to give as many people as possible their top choice.

You can also request on the application form to be roommates with a certain individual if placed in a double room. Preferred roommates may only be matched if both students indicate each other on their applications.

We are not able to provide roommate information until Move-In Day.  The decision on roommate pairs will be made based on the application form information, but we may also consider age and program of study.

Throughout the school year, if for whatever reason, you are not getting along with your roommate, you should speak to a member of the Residence Staff to attempt to resolve these problems. If the problem persists, students are advised to seek counselling or conflict resolution services with their roommate from counsellors within the College.


Room Assignment 

Rooms are assigned to optimize the efficiency of the Residence. With the exception of students with special needs, all students are assigned a bed by lottery. This process takes into account the preferences on your residence application form, although we cannot guarantee those.

Historically, the demand for single rooms outweigh the number of available beds. The overflow of applicants are placed on a waiting list for single rooms and are assigned another available room size.

One person is assigned per single or premium single room, and two people per double room. If a vacancy occurs in a double room, a new roommate will be assigned. Residents are required to change rooms if they are asked to do so.

If you want to room with a friend, you must both request each other when you submit your application, and both of your accommodation preferences must match.


Roommate Information

Every person arrives with different expectations of what they hope their experience will be. It is important, therefore, that you and your roommate discuss what your expectations of living together will be.    This will help you to reach a mutual understanding about your expectations and lay the groundwork for your relationship at the beginning of the year, so that it will be easier to talk with each other should a concern arise down the road.